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Originally Posted by hurielg View Post
The bikerz keep coming out and doing interviews, giving out their real names, and showing their faces and saying "...we are not thugs...just because we look like thugs, doesn't mean we you can see in the video, we were following the law..." Then the Mieses Team first said "...he was going over to check on the downed rider..." Then they stopped playing that card and started playing the "...he just wen't over to difuse the situation..." Then helmet cam guy comes forward with a lawyer speaking for him and says "...a water bottle was thrown from the SUV through the sunroof..."

Now the celebrity lawyer is claiming the SUV hit someone else prior to the video and THAT'S what started it all. Mr. Cruz then says he was "...switching lanes so he looked back at the driver..."

The sad part is that I think these guys will just plea down to misdemeanors and traffic tickets, while some judge awards Mieses $5M because the SUV driver COULD have avoided him in his get away, even if he was panicked and felt threatened. He COULD have done something different. It will be absurd, like the judge's ruling in the Joseph Lozito lawsuit. That was probably discussed somewhere else here, but for those who don't know, the NYPD never made a DIRECT promise to protect the people of NYC and therefore have no special duty to protect the people of NYC.
Cruz' attorney - Cruz being the one who supposedly got tapped in the beginning of that video - says that Cruz "didnít see any prior interaction that may have happened between the SUV and the motorcyclists."
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