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I've learned that posting a RR from Mexico is a bit short of a monumental undertaking....First, believe it or not, its hard to take pix when traveling by moto...generally there are no shoulders on the roadways; to stop on the roadway is a bad idea at best, suicidal at worst. Second, internet connections are a crapshoot. So, when you find a spot, like the “Casa Mexicana,” our current digs, it's great to try and catch up.

This is a nice place.My partners and I are planning on Chasing the Summer for Six Months so rooms in the 20-35 dollar range are best, and this spot is a bit more, but it is beautiful, clean, and a decent internet connection. More importantly, it is near the action; the city is a living, breathing organism and we are living right on its flank! More about the city later in this post.

But enough of that...we are now about 600 miles south of the border, staying in Guanajuato, easily one of the most beautiful towns I've ever been in. The colors, sights, and sounds are even more vivid than Zacatecas, and I didn't ever want to leave there... :)

J/V continue to be excellent travel companions and they are helping me understand the culture much faster than if I was just stumbling around on my own. It's like a crash course in culture!

Yesterday and today are walking day. Guanajuato is a city made for ambling around because of its picturesque narrow winding streets and its “Tunnelos de Subterranea,” the vast system of tunnels carved out underneath the city, which allow traffic to flow (somewhat), and its incredible architecture.

My words cannot describe the people, food, friendliness, and vibe that is Mexico... It is impossible to paint Mexico with a broad brush; the landscapes, peoples, issues are all different depending on where you travel! Just like everywhere else you go!

We left SLP and its beautiful pedestrian promenades, architecture, and smog for our next city, Guanajuato, another UNESCO city. We rode past huge estancias, cattle, and never-ending fields of alfalfa where farmers were harvesting it by hand machete and loading their work
onto horse drawn wagons...

Gradually the high plains gave way to gorgeous, rugged mountains that were scalloped by giant cumulus clouds. Spectacular!

And so was the riding. What's not to love about endless miles of twisties?

We love them with respect. Unlike in the States, signage is lacking around some of the dicier curves. That's ok. I'm beginning to enjoy the personal freedom I have down here to chose what I think is safe, not what a flurry of litigation conscious road engineers tell me to think.

The roads into Guanajuato are like a beautiful, and maybe a bit dangerous. It's important to not succumb to the allure too easily. Animals, especially burros, huge buses, limited or nonexistent shoulders, and gravel/potholes demand your respect.

Love, but love carefully if you can! Descending into the valley I thought of Ozymandias and thanked him for helping me remember both the danger and the allure of Mexico.
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