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Originally Posted by corndog67 View Post
Why would you assume that? You're just guessing, and you're wrong. Because I'm not scared and don't ride like a pussy, you would assume that I don't wear gear? I don't wear Hi-Viz, anyway..

I did get called a "California Faggot" when I was splitting lanes in Bay City, Michigan, on a bike with California plates. Very intelligent population there. And why are most of the women really fat?

I see by your bio that you either don't have a bike, or you are not willing to identify what you ride. I've also noticed that the people that make most of the comments about gear, or labeling people squids, are the guys with the least amount of experience. Accurate?.
Not that I owe you any explanation, but I have 48 states, three countries and 43 riding years under my belt, and currently enjoy a 1200GS. And I plan on living to enjoy another good 20 years of riding. You make your choices, I'll make mine.
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