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Originally Posted by Nevada View Post
Nope. The S1000 is a better liter bike than anything coming out of Japan.
The K1600GT is a "better" SPORT-touring bike than anything out of Japan.
The K1600GTL is a "better" luxury touring bike than anything out of Japan.
Reliability and cost are the two areas where the Japanese beat BMW. As the above examples, plus the GS series demonstrate, BMW can and often does beat the Japanese in performance, style, utility, and fun.

Well, if you take a Honda CBR1000RR aka Fireblade over a BMW S1000R, then you're going for image over performance and quality is about the same. On the other hand, if you take an F800R over a FZ-8, other way around. While reliability can be somewhat fairly judged across entire brands ("somewhat fairly"), other factors can't quite so easily be generalized. Of course, if they could be, then 25% of the electrons expended on m/c forums would never be called upon to pass their lit'l charge along for our arguing pleasure, eh?
You may be onto something with the S1000, but what about the Gold Wing? The standard to which all other luxury tourers are measured against? Methinks you forgot about that one.
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