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Originally Posted by graygoat657 View Post
Not that anyone is in the market, but I happened by Castle today, and they have a lonely 2012 690 on the floor. Normally 10,299 marked down to 8,999. Slightly under used retail for a brand new machine. Might be the time to make a deal.
I called about that this week but had already sold.

Apparently the economy is doing quite well. I stopped by Sloan's today with the intention of making an offer on the 2013 690 they have. Stood around for 20 minutes before anyone even approached me. When I asked the salesperson for a price on the bike, he just pointed to the tag that said $10,299. Keep in mind the tag also said "Fall Clearance." So I asked, "Isn't that just MSRP?", to which he replied yes. So I asked what to me was the next logical question, "So why does the tag say 'Fall Clearance'? Doesn't that imply 'less than' MSRP? He just gave me a blank stare and said he didn't know why that tag was on it. I then asked for a price, and he just pointed to the tag again. So I said I guess I would see from Castle could do, to which he said "Okay". At that point I just walked out with my money. Reinforces my preference of ordering all my parts and accessories from Rocky Mountain and Motosport.
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