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Originally Posted by RAZR View Post
there's never been a problem before with our trucks/vans. we tend to share between 2-4 trucks.

if you have a problem with 8AM riders (I'm definitely not one of then since I'm still in my tent hung over) go up to the rider and tell him in person. it's not a small bike vs big bike issue.

keep in mind... people on street bikes.... I've been joking throughout this thread about our small bikes but Kernville has some of the best Singletrack trails in SoCal. we've stayed at MRA a few times in the summer and fall throughout the years and they're always very nice to us.
there is so much riding in this area, none of you have ridden all the trails. no one. Sawmill Road and Jawbone Road and Rancheria Road are not trails.
there is NO adventure in riding a street bike hundreds of miles on pavement to a rally then sit around and drink for days.
we (small bikes) go to WARPED to ride AND drink. and drink.
so lets bury this issue.

well said charles, just cause we ride little pussy bikes does not make us any less irresponsible than the sleds that others ride!

this is a riding and drinking event!

best of both worlds for both kinds of riding!

so bring AND ride what ud like!

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