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Originally Posted by The Draft View Post
Wow just great!!
I hope this is not intrusive but how do you deal with the cash thats on you for security?
Do you keep picking some cash up along the way so you dont have that much on you at any given time.
Wow Thanks!

There's very few atm's in Tajikistan and Afghanistan and even less that take foreign cards. When I entered Afghanistan I was holding about 500$ cash (plenty for my planned 2-3wks). I was never worried about people robbing me in my travels, It's in their culture and religion to welcome you as a guest to their country and they really do as much as they can to look after you and you really do feel safe & comfortable. However I did have some money problems but that's coming up in future posts. If some one was to come and rob me, well I would worry about it then instead of it hampering on my travel plans now.
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