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Originally Posted by creeper
Pokin around a bit. Found what appears to be a duplication.

urls 2 and 4 go to same thread... I think.
Thanks creeper, I will fix that.

I have mentioned the "Ctrl-F" function to quite a few folks but they still have a hard time finding stuff. What's the ole' saying? "you can lead a horse to beer, but ya can't make him pay."

Perhaps synopsi would be helpful... perhaps... was that in Phase III? Depends on my definition of "beautification"

Just recently an inmate said that they couldn't find any threads in the index on setup (standard mods, wish list kinda stuff I think)... not even a section that contained them; just here and there snippets. I am sure there is a section and there are a few threads (there have been quite a few started)! I guess I could check, but not tonight.

EDIT: just a peek:

LC4 Setup Threads

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