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Originally Posted by JeffinTD View Post
Yeah, I don't have 100% faith in Consumer Reports either, especially when it comes to pickups. They seem to evaluate full size 4x4's as though they were to be used as grocery getters for little old ladies, where most buyers don't care about high step in height.

Anyway, one of the things that bugs me about BMW is they seem to be engineered to make owner repair more difficult, especially road side.

Every vehicle I've owned that was equipped with electronics was capable of giving diagnostic trouble codes without special equipment, even if just by blinking out a code. That includes the Harley and the ATV's I've had.

With the Beemer, you can't even reset the service reminder without propriatary computer equipment.
This always befuddled me too. That, and their idiotic use of internal torx heads EVERYWHERE. JUST USE FUCKING HEX HEADS GUYS! I bet just by eliminating all of their stupid fasteners and using more standard stuff, they could knock $100 off the price of a finished bike. I don't get it.
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