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This always befuddled me too. That, and their idiotic use of internal torx heads EVERYWHERE. JUST USE FUCKING HEX HEADS GUYS! I bet just by eliminating all of their stupid fasteners and using more standard stuff, they could knock $100 off the price of a finished bike. I don't get it.

Just because you "don't get it" doesn't make it idiotic...
It just means you don't understand the application.

And if they start trying to "knock $100 off the price of a finished bike" wouldn't they just ultimately end up selling a low resale Japanese type machine?
You pay more for quality....

1/ Torx heads will accept more torque for a given bolt size.

2/ They also are better for shallow bolt applications like disc brakes or for use of a thinner bolt head where there are clearance issues.

Just remember to always use the proper size bit or tool.

(Hex heads tend to be about 50% deeper because (like a slot screw head as opposed to a Phillips) there is less usable surface area to spread torque over).

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