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Originally Posted by Red9 View Post
Just because you "don't get it" doesn't make it idiotic...
It just means you don't understand the application in this instance.

Torx heads will accept more torque for a given bolt size.

Plus they also are better for shallow bolt applications like disc brakes or for use of a thinner bolt head where there are clearance issues.

Just remember to always use the proper size bit or tool.

Hex heads tend to be about 50% deeper because (like a slot screw head as opposed to a Phillips) there is less usable surface area to spread torque over.
In certain situations, they are very useful. Most of the time, they are not. I had never worked on a Bimmer before, but bought a crashed frame/engine from a local shop for $100 to steal the engine out of. Torx EVERYWHERE, and most were in places they had no reason to be, like holding the plastic sprocket cover on. Really? Torx? Just one more tool you have to throw in your bike's tool kit for roadside repairs. I also found a number of hex heads requiring the seldom used 9 and 11mm sockets. MAKE THEM 10 and 12 GOD DAMNIT.

Methinks torx and the like help BMW ensure people without a real toolbox take their bikes to the stealership for repairs (granted, most people shouldn't be allowed to work on their own motorcycles for their safety and ours), further adding to the cost of ownership.
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