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Originally Posted by Red9 View Post
Your argument holds no water. A set of Torx is no more expensive than a set of Hex.

Engineers determine the stress load of a given application and the required bolt, fitting etc. Do you honestly believe a manufacturer needlessly increases their cost of production by $23,500,000 just to piss you off! lmao
(using your numbers by the way, $100 per bike vs 235,000 sold in '12).

Methinks you just wanna bash Harley and haven't got a frickin clue what you are talking about...
I've studied fastener stress/choice thoroughly, and in fact I have a degree in vehicle design. I know how fucking bolts work. There's no reason to use torx heads to hold on a fucking sprocket cover. I'm just saying that BMW seems to make things overly complicated for the DIY'er for no reason. One of the very basic principles of designing a new product (say, oh, a motorcycle) is that you use the simplest, most readily available parts possible, and you standardize. That means if you can get M6x1.0 bolts with a 10mm hex head cheaper than the same with a torx head, and you need 40 of them on a bike, you fucking use the hex head so long as it meets all of the requirements. It will save the company money, save the customer money, and be generally "better" in the long run. The whole bolt thing is just an example of one of my gripes with BMW. I'm not saying I refuse to buy one because of their fastener choice
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