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Yes its dirty, thanks.
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Originally Posted by wdavis009 View Post
I called about that this week but had already sold.

Apparently the economy is doing quite well. I stopped by Sloan's today with the intention of making an offer on the 2013 690 they have. Stood around for 20 minutes before anyone even approached me. When I asked the salesperson for a price on the bike, he just pointed to the tag that said $10,299. Keep in mind the tag also said "Fall Clearance." So I asked, "Isn't that just MSRP?", to which he replied yes. So I asked what to me was the next logical question, "So why does the tag say 'Fall Clearance'? Doesn't that imply 'less than' MSRP? He just gave me a blank stare and said he didn't know why that tag was on it. I then asked for a price, and he just pointed to the tag again. So I said I guess I would see from Castle could do, to which he said "Okay". At that point I just walked out with my money. Reinforces my preference of ordering all my parts and accessories from Rocky Mountain and Motosport.
I was in there the other day and not one person in the sales dept said anything to me. Many walked by looking at the ground or the wall. No friendly "hi, how are you" or anything. Seemed odd.
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