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Calhoun County, Morgan GA

Location: Morgan

Date Built: 1930

Architectural Style: Colonial Revival

Designer: T.F. Lockwood, Jr

Calhoun County's first courthouse was built in Morgan shortly after the county was created in 1854. That structure burned in 1888, and a new courthouse was built on the site -- but it too burned in 1920. What served as courthouse for the next 15 years is not clear, but the county's present courthouse was constructed in 1935. The courthouse was renovated 1972.

After the founding of the county, there was a public debate on the location of the county seat with the towns of Concord and Whitney the principal contenders. The controversy finally was resolved when it was agreed to have a site exactly half way between the two towns. Here, a town was laid out and named Morgan. The origin of the town's name is debated but may have been to honor either Hiram Morgan (one of the town's first five commissioners) or Revolutionary War general Daniel Morgan. On Mar. 5, 1856, the legislature incorporated Morgan as a town (Ga. Laws 1855-56, p. 381).

In 1923, voters of Calhoun County petitioned for a referendum to move the county seat from Morgan to Arlington. In a 975-456 vote, county residents approved the change, and on July 27, 1923, the General Assembly formally designated Arlington the new county seat of Calhoun County (Ga. Laws 1923, p. 217). However, the majority of county residents soon became uphappy with the new county seat and in 1929 petitioned for a referendum to return the county seat to Morgan. In the election, 1033 voters favored Morgan, 496 chose Arlington, and 5 voters preferred Edison. Consequently, on Aug. 6, 1929, the legislature designated Morgan once again county seat (Ga. Laws 1929, p. 550).

The courthouse square was surrounded by flags.

Picked up Calhoun County Friday afternoon after work to fill in that void for southwest Georgia. Somewhere along the ride i must have pinched a nerve in my shoulder or neck with my big ole head bouncing around. It was still hurting enough Saturday morning that i stayed off the motorcycle. I'll try to get out there Sunday and get a few more.
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