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Originally Posted by windmill View Post
Perseverance of an enthusiast?

High mileage on a bike is all about the rider. People buy HD, BMW, European for different reasons than others buy UJM. When summer ends and the weather turns bad, the remaining bikes are an eclectic mix of everything, its the riders not the bikes.

At 85,000 my 07 Ural has has more mileage on it than your typical UJM, my 01 V-Star has 1/4 the mileage. I purchased both new. There is no doubt the Yamaha is the better bike, but the Ural fuels my passion.

Metric cruisers Vs, HD is the perfect example.
The metrics have the style down pat now, their engineering has so surpassed HD that they need to use fake covers to hide the superior engineering and make them look more primitive, they do everything so well and smoothly within their limitations they are almost sterile.
Metrics may be "superior", but they lack some of the endearing characteristics that make them engaging to enthusiasts as sales numbers show.

Harley's are like a good, well trained dog, a companion.
Metrics are like a dedicated, motivated assistant, a means to an end.

A dog is a friend, a member of the family that you love, and you forgive its faults.
An assistant is an employee, if they start messing up, you fire them and get a new one.

A "reliable" bike has little value if you don't ride it because its boring. A bike with "character" has little value if you dont ride it because its annoying.

I don't mean to imply Harleys are in any way inferior, they are just built with a different philosophy, no need to break out the pitchforks and torches..
LMAO you harley owners keep telling yourselves that

a bike that breaks down and is primitive has "character"
a significantly more refined and reliable bike is "sterile"
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