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It must've been around 19 after we'd split up and I decided to do the Transfăgărășan again and camp in the same area we'd camped the night before.

Yep, right decision :)

Basically you got people camping all over the mountain,
on my way down I spotted a F650 GS Dakar and decided to check out if the owner spoke any english,
again I was lucky, he spoke english.

Once again, plans changed, I ended up camping together with Jakub on an altitude of 1'800 m,
drinking tea (he had a small camping stove with him) and exchanging stories and experiences.

At that time he was already on the way back home to Poland, he'd ridden down to Constanta at the Black Sea,
having about as much of a plan as I did.
He didn't even have a map to begin with, he bought the one he had with him somewhere along the road

By the way,
you got an awesome starry night sky up there,
the picture ain't the best, but it gives you an idea

In the morning he'd offered me another tea, which I gladly accepted,
after all it was freezing cold even though I was wearing pretty much everything I had with me,
3 layers of clothes and it was still darn cold before the sun arose over the summit

Anyways - the view made up for it

Other than that a few horses were passing through the camp and a shepherd also came through with his sheep and dogs later.
By the way, the horses didn't really care about the people and cars etc. around them,
as seen around 8 AM, they were blocking the road and that one guy, after honking at them for a couple minutes had to get out of his Mercedes to shoo them away

Once again - time to say Goodbye!, Jakub was heading north to Poland while I was heading south to Bulgaria.
He left quite a bit earlier than me, as I was waiting for my tent to dry (it had still been wet from that one night in Hungary), but finally got to move on around 10.

There are other ways of experiencing the Transfăgărășan, by the way

A couple meters further, however, I had to turn around as it got pretty gnarly, the boulders got bigger&bigger,
after all not a thing you'd want to ride with luggage and alone

Next Stop:
Doug's Motocamp in Idilevo, Bulgaria.

On the way there I'd bought another 5 liters jerry can [I already had a small, 1.5 liters one with me],
just to be on the safe side, as my main tank only holds 10 liters, which isn't too much if do get into rather remote areas. FYI: I was mainly planning ahead for Albania, everywhere else it wouldn't have really been necessary with some planning.

Arriving in Idilevo around 17,
I was promptly greeted by Polly & Ivo as well as the other guests,
at that time a (french?!) Scot, who was waiting for the paperwork to be allowed to buy a house in Bulgaria, if I got that right, Andreas, a german who appearently is a regular guest with his XT600,
an english guy who had a house in Bulgaria,
later being joined by Tamara & Micheal, also from germany, on their HU hack.

I could've taken a room, but hey, I am travelling on a very low budget, camping mat and sleeping bag, it is.

The english guy [whose name I forgot :( ] said he was gonna invite us all for Dinner,
so we ended up having some great local sausage, fried eggs, cucumber salad, tomato salad and bread.
Thanks for the good meal

The camp is pretty cool as well,
going from the interior ... the "fleet"....

...and of course, the people you meet and the stories they tell

Tamara and Micheal had already been travelling through europe for 3 months at that point,
all onboard their sweeeet KTM LC8 powered HU sidecar hack with their 2 dogs.
Naturally they had a lot of good stories to share with everyone,
in case any of you guys is interested, here's their travel blog:

They are about to start a RTW trip within the next 1 or 2 years, I was being told, by the way ;)

After a great breakfast I did some routine maintenance work,
you know, the usual, adjust chain tension, adjust the clutch cable, blablabla

I had my own tools with me, but i still made use of their motorcycle lift, makes some things easier,
such as lubing the chain

Meanwhile my (now clean) clothes and Camelbak had time to dry.
Not that I'd felt like leaving anyways,
it must've been close to 40C that day

Gotta go - more to come, soon.

Keywords: Smallest mountain roads/paths, extraordinarily friendly people & Buzludzha.

Stay tuned ;)
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