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Originally Posted by jedtn View Post
I was in auto sales for 15 years. You need to make a real offer,one thatyou will take the car or bike home for.That will show the dealer your real and they will work with you.Most dealers will not give you a price to shop with and let another dealer beat it by 50 bucks.

Sloans has been good to me,I deal with Frank,I like cool springs too.I also think there is nothing wrong with them making a fair proffit.

Just a little of the other side

I made a real offer. A very reasonable one at that. I have no problem with a dealership making a profit...they are there to make money. That's how capitalism works. I have purchased about 6 new bikes in the past 10 years, and know what a dealership expects in order to take a buyer seriously. I have also bought a new bike from Sloans about a year and half ago, my WRR. If the salesperson had bothered to simply ask my name, he could have easily checked and saw that I was serious (btw, that transaction was done completely over the phone). Unfortunately, this sales person didn't bother to do that and seemed uninterested in even talking to me about the bike. I guess I should have expected as much when they failed to respond to my email inquiry about the bike. In contrast, I also emailed Castle and a salesperson called within 24 hours. That person was also willing to discuss pricing over the phone, and how quickly they could get another 690 for me, even though I told him I up front I was going to check with Sloans since the 2012 690 had already been sold.
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