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Originally Posted by waylongway View Post
I believe he said 16,700-16,900/no suspension control on the R.
here is the schedule for more demos over here..
Thank you very much! I do have a question from your demonstration ride:
  • How is the low speed fueling. The low speed fueling on my 2010 Multistrada 1200S is kind of crap, so the idea of a smooth V-Twin down low would be very nice
  • Did you feel the weight of the exhaust can much on the right side? I plan on getting a Wings... but I'm still curious
  • I have read good things about the gearbox, but that was from journalists, and I am reticent to believe everything they write (due to not wanted to upset bike mfgrs.), how did banging through the gears feel to you? Was it smooth?
  • I want an R, but my brother wants a Standard, so I'll ask about the electronic suspension, did you play with the modes, and did you feel a difference? Electronic suspension adjustment is definitely one place where the Multi shines
  • Is it easy to wheelie (^_^)
  • Do you recall if the digital displays got washed out in the sunlight?
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