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Originally Posted by creeper
Set up? I think the entire Index qualifies as "set-up". What works for one person may not be practical, cost effective, useful for the region etc. etc. for another person.
Horses for courses and all that shiz.

In no particular order... Tires, suspension, muffler, rejet, air box, seat, GPS, luggage, risers, grips, oil, filters, tubes, chains, bearing upgrade, sprockets, chain tension, footpegs, damper adjustments, air pressure, rim locks, grease, brake pads, side stands, center stand EZ-Ups, hydraulic clutches, lighting, service, maintinance, leak repair, more leak repair... shall I go on?

Pick something from the list... you probably have a thread (or five) on the subject.
Can you? No, no, no, just playin'. Reasonable arguments creeper. By the way, you said "oil"... i was kinda surprised that the first thread in the index ended up being OIL! But there it is...

Thanks for the compliment itsagas. But just for clarity's sake, very few people actually 'contribute' directly to me. Those that do are much appreciated and a few contribute greatly. Just wanted that said so folks could understand that this can be more of a group project with group participation
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