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Originally Posted by craftycoder View Post
Once the tracks are on the website you can sync the tracks and cache the tiles on the tablet in 4 clicks or so. Easy Peasy
Here's a thought for you...

What happens when a track just goes through the margins of a tile? Not a lot of information to the other side, right?

This is kind of a common sort of situation when doing GIS. The way we deal with it (well, there's several ways) is to buffer the point/line/area feature we're concerned with. Best way to describe it is to imagine what tiles your track would touch if it was 2 miles wide (or whatever), and then cache all those tiles.

I use mapping of the surrounding area, not just the immediate area when exploring around the mountains. One can accomplish the same thing by scrolling around along both sides of your intended track to cache before heading out into the boonies, but a user-definable track/tile buffer distance would sure be handy for at least a few of us.
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