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Crafty, a couple of other things to mention after a few months of use.

First, how about a user selectable color for displaying your track as you travel along? The reason I ask this is the current color just happens to match pretty much exactly the color of some of the secondary roads on NRCAN government mapping. So your track pretty much disappears when you're on those roads, until you zoom right in and see the little variances to right and left. Or just make it some color like magenta that no cartographer/GIS guy would ever dream of using.

Second point, how about the option of choosing UTM for entering point data/displaying point data in the app? I understand the app is not intended for planning and that is better done on the website. But for those of us who head out exploring with both the app and a good old paper map, it is very easy to transpose points back and forth between paper map and digital mapping software with UTM. Trying to do it with decimal degrees is a cast iron bitch - there is no grid on paper maps for decimal degrees for determining coordinates out in the field.

Some observations on how the app is working for me. I actually don't use the app much for dual sporting as I have quite the selection of pricey GPS units laying around I can make custom maps for directly out of ArcEditor and orthophotos. On the other hand, I use it almost daily at just about everything else - I don't carry those Trimble's around in my pocket all day, but I do carry my plain old previous generation Rugby Smart smartphone. Even for just whipping it out of your pocket to have a coworker show you where the flyfishing on the Big Hole was really good the other day...

And we use it on my wife's Note whenever we're travelling... great for noticing anything to either side of our route while we're wandering along that we might want to detour and take a look at. Not to mention actual navigation, of course.

And a final comment to give a thumbs up to the Samsung Rugby Smart, earlier edition, that Amazon has been selling the unlocked version for $140 lately. Not the latest and greatest chips and memory capacity, but the same waterproof ruggedness, apparently the same display and camera, etc. I've dropped mine in the river a couple of times now, had it go clattering into the riprap along a road we were surveying, etc. Like the old Timex commercial - it keeps on ticking and displaying DSM just fine.

And best of all, I can slip it into a shirt pocket with room to spare and forget I even have it with me until I need it. Minimal screen real estate for navigation, but otherwise just great.
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