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Originally Posted by Espada View Post
Thank you very much! I do have a question from your demonstration ride:
  • How is the low speed fueling. The low speed fueling on my 2010 Multistrada 1200S is kind of crap, so the idea of a smooth V-Twin down low would be very nice
  • Did you feel the weight of the exhaust can much on the right side? I plan on getting a Wings... but I'm still curious
  • I have read good things about the gearbox, but that was from journalists, and I am reticent to believe everything they write (due to not wanted to upset bike mfgrs.), how did banging through the gears feel to you? Was it smooth?
  • I want an R, but my brother wants a Standard, so I'll ask about the electronic suspension, did you play with the modes, and did you feel a difference? Electronic suspension adjustment is definitely one place where the Multi shines
  • Is it easy to wheelie (^_^)
  • Do you recall if the digital displays got washed out in the sunlight?
OK, I will try to give (my) opinions
The low speed did seem to be somewhat hesitant ,I had a hard time tying to keep at a smooth spot. But that could be just the motor ,it's pretty lippy.

It seemed like it was hard to keep the throttle pulled back .

I could not feel the motor low down, only when I got it up in revs could you feel the power.

Weight all around was real light.

Take into account My bike is a 07 1200gs W/ OHLINS .My bike feels like a monster compared to this thing.
I'm 6'1 and it felt small to me? And it looks much smaller than the DAKAR .Which I think would feel like a dirt bike compared to my bike..

The gear box was super smooth compared t to my Beemer. I could find N no problem w/ my cross fires on.

I did not play w/the electronic suspension but watched the KTM guy go though the mods. The street mod was pretty slushy.

Once again take into account that this test ride was in Roseville a off shoot of Sac., stop and go all the way for about 40 mins. And one fwy part a mile long ,So basically it SUCKED!

I tried to get on it what I could and I think this bike would do wheelies all day long. And it is one sexy looking bike!

The digital display was good all the time and pretty easy to read..

I did not like the front of the bike (motor) part, looks like lots of stuff to get fucked up or smashed

All that said...And this is my opinion (feelings), So don't get all upset.

This is not the bike for me and the kind of riding I do. It just made me love my bike all the more. I could put 1/2 a car on the back of that thing and my wife in it and you would hardy notice it was there .But I do have mapper ,full exhaust ,air filter.

I can rip the gravel roads because I have learned to stand up for 50 miles
and go places a GS probably shouldn't be, but I can't do the real dirt stuff. my Knees just won't take it.

I would rather keep my bike and find a 07,08 Dakar with all the goodies for 1/2 the price w/ a few scratches on it .I think I would be much happier.

So now I don't have to wonder?

But like I said that's just ME
"For me there is only the traveling on paths that have heart"
~Don Juan
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