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Originally Posted by ElchQ View Post

it would be really cool if you would be able to dimm the Squadron (XL) with a little poti... Even 50% might be too bright to drive as a drv light on German streets. Any future plans?

Love the beam / driving combo, which would give me the perfect light for drv. here in Europe, but need that dimming capabilities from lets say 10..20% to full incl. a highbeam bypass...

All that with a waterproof poti of course :)

Keep in mind that to dim an LED you need a PWM Dimmer (Pulse Width Modulator), not a regular potentiometer.

Additionally it's nice to have the high beam bypass so that you can run the LED dimmed with the low beam, but they go to 100% power when the high beam is turned on.

Baja Designs, Skene Designs, and ADVMonster all make a PWM dimmer w/ High beam by pass. I have used all three and find the ADVM one to be the simplest.
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