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Originally Posted by pip_muenster View Post
I'm in!

Started to do almost the same route, counter-clockwise, a few weeks ago -but ended up a little different.

Sounds good, I am going to be follwing yours, too,
after all I will definitely be going back to the Balkans

Originally Posted by Olirider View Post
Thanks for the nice RR and beautiful pictures.
I am amazed as how light you travel.
Seeing your loaded bike, it's hard to believe you have camping gear.

Thanks for the compliments

As for travelling light:
More than just a few people I'd met on my trip commented on that, but I didn't really miss anything during those 4 weeks

Packing as light as possible was one of my main goals and I think I did pretty good,
I didn't take anything with me that I didn't use, other than my small first-aid kit, but I am not going to ditch that,
for obvious reasons.

I am here for holidays, not to work out by having to handle a bike loaded with about half a ton of luggage.

The tent I took with me is a Vaude Bivi, the sleeping bag is a High Peak Pak 600 (NOT made for cold weather, but perfectly fine for travelling in summer) and the camping mat is a Grand Canyon Cruise 3.0.
Again, the main goal was to keep it small, light&simple.

I stashed the most important tools in the engine guard and only had a handful of tools in the dry bag.

Other than that, I only had some essentials with me, a couple clothes to last for about a week (I had been to camping places at least once a week to wash clothes etc.), a first-aid kit, my HTC HD2 for navigation and my good ol' trusty Nikon.
In case anyone is interested, I must still have my packing list somewhere.

The tires I took with me were meant to go on the bike later on,
as I'd thought my current ones (an already used MT21 on the front and a new T63 on the rear) would maybe last another 5 or 6 thousand km.
It turned out that I didn't need those at all
On the bright side, I do now know that they'll last for up to 10'000km and I already/still have a set for my next trip
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