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Sunday July 28, 2013
A Journey Through time

This next section will take us to a place I wanted to go since the 80s. I got close a few times but didnít make it until now.

In the 80ís the news was filled with reports of a cult/commune in Eastern Oregon developed by a man called Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh who was from India. The Big Muddy Ranch (where the John Wayne movie Big Muddy was filmed) and some surrounding areas covering over 100 square miles had been purchased by Rajneesh and turned in to Rajneeshpuram. They were trying to take over the area or at least a big part of the area.

Rajneeshís followers wore robes in the "color of the sunrise" (orange/red) and special necklaces called malas (prayer beads).

The following 4 photos are from the internet.

Greeted by followers during his daily drive by in 1982.

By the time left he had acquired 93 Rolls-Royces. He wanted 365, one for each day of the year. Reports were that he wasnít a very skilled driver and need to be pulled out of the ditch occasionally.
1983 tent city


They had everything in Rasjneeshpurham including a paved airstrip.
Air Rajneesh Big Muddy Ranch Airport 1985 (Ted Quackenbush photo)

Bhagwan_Shree_Rajneesh has been described as charismatic the same way Charles_Manson was described after his followers in the Manson family killed people for no reason in the 60s and Jim_Jones who either lured or forced 900+ people to drink cyanide in Jonestown in the 70s. References to drinking the Kool-Aid are made on ADV frequently and I wonder how many people really know where the saying came from.

All three men had followers willing to die and/or kill for them. I suppose to be able to get others to do things like that a person would need to be very charismatic.
I donít see the charisma in the photos or films of any of these men but itís obvious they drew people in for whatever reason.

Rajneesh didnít manage to kill people like the other two however he or his followers did try. They were able to introduce salmonella into some of the salad bars in The Dalles, OR as a Bioterroattack.
Watching the news accounts of these things taking place in the 60s, 70s, & 80s was much too graphic for my tasted but had and still has me curious how these things happen. Why do people want to follow these men I would classify as crazy? I wanted to see where Rajneeshpuram was located because from news reports they were out in the barren countryside, in the middle of no where, and miles from other people. It seemed that for the most part these people were cut off from civilization however they had all the modern conveniences.

A couple of years ago I tried to make my way to where Rajneeshpuram was once located however I tried to go in from the west. The route I had laid out had me riding from Madras through Hay Creek Ranch, on to Ashwood, Cold Creek Camp Rd., Big Muddy Rd and on to Rajneeshpuram.


The route start off as a terrific route but when I found this muddy patch I decided since I was alone, riding my 650 and wasnít even on the road called Big Muddy Rd. yet I thought maybe I shouldnít try it. It doesnít take much to get me to wimp out.


I donít know how large Hay Creek Ranch is but I suspect it pretty danged large. Thatís part of the Ranch property behind my bike and I had passed the main entrance and building miles back. This is where I turned around to head back. I'd like to go back and ride this road and explore the area more. It's beautiful out there.


OK, I got a little sidetracked so itís now back to the ride. We didnít take the Hay Creek Ranch route since MTLee had never been to Shaniko and it had been years since Rainbow007 had been there so we had to make a visit.

From Shaniko weíre now headed south toward Antelope, OR, the small town that was the hub of all the controversy Rajneesh and his follower had brought to this normally quiet area.


Not a bad road to ride and no traffic.



The school in Antelope, OR


I believe Rajneesh once owned this cafť.


Not all buildings are this nice


Most have seen better days





The trailer is Antelopeís post office.

Antelope post office was established in 1871, with
Howard Maupin, founder of Maupin, Oregon, as the first postmaster.

In the mid-19th century, Antelope was along the wagon road connecting
The Dalles on the Columbia River with gold mines near Canyon City. After about 1870, the wagon road became known as The Dalles Military Road.[9] The road crossed the Deschutes River on Sherar's Bridge.[10]

On September 18, 1984, Antelope's charter was amended by a vote of 57 to 22 to change the name of the city to Rajneesh but it wasnít long until the people of Antelope were able to change the name back.

Cool old locks on the mailbox

With that we were headed out again and I will be back to tell you about the ride to what was once Rasjneeshpurham.
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