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Day 3 - Farther Out There All Alone

The sand and repeated washouts continued until...

I turned towards Pakoon Basin.

This road follows Pocum Wash through Black Canyon. The first 3/4 mile or so was fine, then the washouts continued.

If there were only a dozen or so of these it would be fun, but they are sometimes 50 yards apart.

Its hard to tell in the photos, but all of these washouts had a deep sandy berm on either side with rocks of all sizes and deep trenches.
Forward momentum was near impossible through some of the sand berms. After paddling through the sand with the engine racing
I had to quickly transition to controlled and balanced riding through the boulders then plow up the next berm.

Finally the road builders got tired of routing in the stream and sent the trail along the hillsides.

This was a fun section...

and beautiful.

I was hauling butt downhill on a section with scattered loose rocks occasionally getting kicked up and dinging off the skid plate
when I suddenly had one hit with a really loud clunk. "Hmmmm... That's gonna leave a mark. Maybe I should stop and check for damage.
Nah, I'm sure the skid plate did its job," I think to myself. I peer over the windshield to get a look at the front wheel and fender. No damage, so I continue...

Maybe 2 - 3 minutes later I stop to take a picture of the sign for the turnoff to Hidden Canyon.
I look down to stash the camera away when I wonder, "Where's all that water coming fro- Oh SHIT! That ain't water!"

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