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Oh, I am sure that I have some hearing loss associated with riding. Mine's more the 7500 kHz variety when it's subdued and kinda what you have when it is at its worst. Mine isn't that bad, though, now. I feel lucky for that because I freaked out a little when I realized I was doing permanent damage by not wearing earplugs in the past.

I remember, as a teenaged driver, liking to drive with the window opened. I started to lose my hearing in the left ear. I made a mental note and now rarely drive with the driver's window rolled down. It took me a few years to learn about earplugs for riding, but they are now a necessity when I ride. I don't think earplugs are perfect, but they help...a lot!

My favorite plugs, now, are the silicone ones used for swimming. I usually ball 1 1/2 silicone balls together to form one earplug per canal. This has proven to be better than even the custom molded plugs, for me. I learned that the custom plugs have so much surface area at the ear canal opening that they transmit powerful low frequencies into my ears. With the swimmers' plugs I can control how much material is exposed outside of my ear canals.

My motivation for all of this was my need to hear every nuance of the music I was listening to from the albums I played when I was younger.

Now, I wonder if preserving my hearing was really necessary since most folks talk rubbish these days. Still, rubbish is better than silence...if only just.
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