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Originally Posted by Motor7 View Post
I have had it for a few years. I have also logged between half a mil & 3/4 million miles on bikes. At the same time I have been around lot's of firearms going boom, saws, nail guns, sanders & other woodworking tools. I remember back in the 70's wearing ear plugs while shooting, even wore/wear them while duck/goose hunting. I let my guard down on those power tools until about 20 years ago, so damage done. Anyway, for 80% of my ear protection, so I am leaning towards that being a major contributor.

So, my question is to those that ride and have ridden a lot...are you experiencing any Tinnitus? Mine is like a herd of Cicadas & you can go to this link to find what sound your head is producing:

Oddly enough, a few months ago I had the dreaded routine garden hose with a camera on the end "procedure". Ever since then, my Tinnitus has kicked up the volume by quite a bit. I think something in the anesthesia may have irritated it.
Your history and mine are almost identical, and based on your "procedure" we're likely close to the same age.

I have over 40 years riding (and shooting), and despite always taking precautions when shooting and using power tools, up until 10 years ago I can't remember using ear protection much when riding. I now use it religiously (although it makes the gas station questions tough to manage).

I'm convinced my tinnitus is riding related, and it's worth a warning to the younger inmates here that ATGATT includes ear protection. It kinda sneaks up on you and suddenly your hearing takes a big hit and you have ringing all the time.
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