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Originally Posted by anotherguy View Post
Really? I call bullshit.

The oil tank is cast aluminum and bolted to the bottom of the transmission. The vent is plumbed from the crankcase into the transmission filler spout which is also cast alloy and bolted to the side of the transmission housing. The fitting is tapped 1/8" NPT into the side of the filler cap spout and the crankcase. If the fitting is there the hole is drilled and tapped. You cannot braze aluminum and there was never any such TSB as the Dyna tank is of similar construction.
Negative- I was talking about the fuel tank, not the oil tank. The fuel tank vent attaches to a fitting on the tank under the dash, which runs down the left side to a roll over valve, then a hose runs to the bottom of the bike.

With my bike, parked in the sun with a hot engine it would dump fuel out of the carb, and hydro locked the engine. Pulled the plugs and turned the engine over, and sprayed gas everywhere. After I washed that off, I was able to start the bike and ride it home.

Took it to HD under warranty- they replaced fuel petcock (vacuum type) and checked the float valve in the carb.

It did it again. I also noted a woosh of fumes under a lot of pressure whenever I removed the fuel cap. I mean a LOT of pressure.

I bypassed the roll over valve so the tank would be directly vented to the atmosphere- and was puzzled when I still had the woosh of pressure.

I checked the hoses, which were clear. I then looked into the hose barb brazed to the tank under the dash. After removing some flux, I could see there was no hole in the tank. Drilled that out and all was fine.

Later I saw a thing, I think MC consumer news, about the hole for the fuel tank vent not having been drilled for some of the wide glides.
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