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Originally Posted by skwidd View Post
Go Flug, go.
thanks mates! to say I like doing it is an understatement. Facebook continues to throw major mind boggling curveballs at me. Glimpses into other peoples lives. Some really nice ones, some pretty sad ones. Sport, wether its baseball or motocross or anything else has real people under the hats or helmets, and I like to think I'm somehow in tune with the people on the bike and the more I do it, the more it slows down and becomes slow motion and is just there for the taking. The nice thing is when they case a jump, I don't.

Took these yesterday. Just kids at an open practice. 106 just wadded it up right in front of me less than 2 months ago and broke his collar bone.

The RM rider is 13 and thats a 250 and his waist is about as big around as a loaf of bread. Skinny little shit but he can whip that thing like no tomorrow.

The little RM rider is the younger brother of a kid I've become facebook friendly with, a nice kid, really getting into video and production, he appreciates the shots I put on his FB wall and and he's already in 2 years gone from a mini rider to a top 10 C rider in the 250 class, on a 125 KTM.

And along comes a little brother who in one short year has gone from a fairly tentative rider to a capable mini rider who's hauling serious ass.

It just never ends...

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