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Originally Posted by Motor7 View Post
I have had it for a few years. I have also logged between half a mil & 3/4 million miles on bikes. At the same time I have been around lot's of firearms going boom, saws, nail guns, sanders & other woodworking tools. I remember back in the 70's wearing ear plugs while shooting, even wore/wear them while duck/goose hunting. I let my guard down on those power tools until about 20 years ago, so damage done. Anyway, for 80% of my ear protection, so I am leaning towards that being a major contributor.

So, my question is to those that ride and have ridden a lot...are you experiencing any Tinnitus? Mine is like a herd of Cicadas & you can go to this link to find what sound your head is producing:

Oddly enough, a few months ago I had the dreaded routine garden hose with a camera on the end "procedure". Ever since then, my Tinnitus has kicked up the volume by quite a bit. I think something in the anesthesia may have irritated it.

as an individual that basically has the opposite history and experience I feel my input might be somewhat beneficial...

having recently started riding I find it incredible that anybody with substantial riding without hearing protection wouldn't have issues such as tinnitus. I tried finding relatively quiet helmets such as the shoei qwest and rpha max but they are still too noisy to ride frequently without fear of suffering hearing problems. at my age... no thanks. so I wear low db ear plugs in conjunction with the helmets. next up... schuberth c3 pro. I expect the science involved in helmet design in relation to sound protection will continue to improve in some way similar to impact protection. (I would expect a new helmet to be substantially better in this regard to one 30 years ago)

but it could've been a different story. I could easily have been riding for many more years now... and can't say I would've worn ear plugs. that and helmets not being as noise conscious I know my hearing would now be not what I take for granted.

in some strange way I appreciate the "sacrifices" of those who have gone before me... and hope medical science, procedures and care can continue to help those suffering hearing problems. sure it's not like I'm a coal miner and we're talking about black lung, but those warnings not being heeded can now be substantiated and threads like this to keep the rest of us a bit more in line for future proof planning.

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