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Originally Posted by atomicalex View Post
For all of the bitching about fasteners in this thread, you guys sure have a limited view on the world.

Torx is a standard fastener developed to reduce damage to the tool insertion point due to overtorquing. They are great...
Well they are, until they get into the hands of Nort Americo Yanquis that use Imperial Allen wrenches on them. Yes, there are downsides to only buying in the used market. Ugh.

Originally Posted by ohgood View Post
Torx bolts are fine.

They don't take any longer to center drill the head out than any other stupid bolt.

It does take a minute to d find which one on the swing set matches it though.
Ding! Winnah winnah chicken dinnah!
Ugh, if there's anything I hate more than a stripped bolt's a stripped Torx head.

Also, for those unschooled in German vehicles, I can see why you think the toolage is weird, but it is quite standard across all German vehicles. I joke that I keep buying VWs because I already have all the tools - they all work on the BMW, too. In fact, the basic tool group for all German vehicles is pretty standard. 5, 6, 7, 8mm Allen, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 17, 19, 22, 24, 32mm hex head, and T20, 25, 27, 30, 45. There are a few oddballs here or there, but this stuff is all pretty easily accessed from the tool shop.....
Just for the takes me longer to mouth out loud how many tools you need to work on a BMW/VW/Beemer Bike than it takes for me to take the TWO wrenches, and TWO Allen keys out of my tank bag & strip off the seat, fairing, tank & tail on my Ninja. Toss in two screwdrivers, two more wrenches...and I can literally strip my bike down to the frame on the roadside.

What exactly does a 17mm wrench fit on a BMW anyway?

If you want to complain about tools, GM and Ford use security Torx in certain applications. Now that is stupid.
Haa haa, my beater cage is a Saturn (GM), and it has more Torx bolts in one door than a GSA! To change a door panel after I had been sideswiped, T20 T25 T30 & T10 to take the mirrors off. All fastening cosmetic panels.
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