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Thanks for the feedback -


Thanks for the detailed feedback - that's how we keep improving Rally Navigator.

I have answered a few of your points inline below...IN BOLD

Originally Posted by GTinAus View Post

Firstly...The total distance needs to be editable, why, because, our event uses ground truthing, ie the event is set in a vehicle , with a terratrip, and hand drawn instructions (ie not from Google Earth, but this is a handy feature, for overall terrain checking).
To put in extra points, eg, rocks, holes gutters, at the present, a point needs to be inserted, at approx. the right spot, then dragged up or down the string line, till the correct distance is registered, them a tulip drawn. Tedious when there are hundreds of them.

We have considered including manually dropped GPS waypoints as part of the route when importing a GPX file to create a route - I think its technically doable and mileages would be quite accurate. This would be a help when marking Waypoint items that aren't visible on the Google Earth view.

A couple of my biggest bugbears are, 1, you need the internet, it is not a stand alone program, and you do not always need to have google earth attached, a layover of a moving map program as an either/or would be really good (Oziexplorer).... and I do not always have access to the internet.

We haven't made any progress YET in running an offline version of Rally Navigator, but I do understand your desire to use our interface for a manual roadbook editor. This would also require local saving, which is also possible.

2. Printing. The program, as it stands, appears to only allow 1 section. We have several sections per day, both Liaison and selective, and the day's instructions are completely printed on 2 (sometimes 3) scrolls.

I like the idea of linking multiple racing and transit stages into one days route file. Would something like this junky mock-up do the trick:
It could trigger off of the Checkered Flag Icon, anytime more points are added to a route after the Checkered Flag Icon is used in a Waypoint, it would insert this header, reset the mileage to Zero and start a new stage. Sound good??

The finish of one section, and the start of the next follow smoothly on the scroll (without the disclaimer statement). There are usually 2 (sometimes 3) scrolls per day, and they usually are 20 to 30 metres in length.

Below is an example of the end of a section, and start of new section, from last year,

The way the system stands, the sections would be have to be taped together, or dozens of scrolls printed and issued.

In reality, the scrolls cannot be changed after every section, as time does not permit.

Add to the fact, there can be up to 80 competitors, means 2 scrolls per day each (or more), times 2 days, 320 scrolls in the current setup it appears one scroll to be printed at once. (our current scrolls are printed on a roll 6 wide, and cut into individual rolls after printing (individual section scrolls, there would be thousands of them....confusion would reign supreme).

When producing Roadbooks for an event, I save them as PDF files and take them to my printer, they layout the files 6 across a 36 inch wide roll feed printer.

How are you cutting your scrolls to width?

Also, scrolls must be given to competitors, with the start of the day, or section, on the outside, which means the scroll must be printed from the last instruction to the first, to end up the right way, without a lot of rewinding. There appears to be no way of doing this either.

My commercial printer can configure the print job to produce the files "head out" or "tail out" whichever I specify.

Don't get me wrong, the concept is fantastic, but to be a good COMMERCIAL route chart maker, it needs a lot of work, and input from professional directors, as to what is required versus what is viable.

I look forward to some constructive discussion on points raised.

Again, thanks for the feedback.
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