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Originally Posted by SocalRob View Post
I just heard Bose has come out with Active noise canceling earbuds. The may be ground changing.

always good to see people spreading the word on the technology.

for instance, Etymotic. here's a link to an example of some noise-isolating tech:

along with the new technology in medical science, helmet design and sound protection/noise isolation I feel one of the best "new" technologies available is the advent of the INTERNET. we now can discuss such things and spread the word much easier than 20 years ago.

I always get a kick out of the old farts (and younger ones) online here and elsewhere that wouldn't be sharing such things with the MASSES as is now happening.

back in the day you might've read an article but the bottom line is few people would get beyond meeting with their buds and skipping the hearing protection. if none of your friends is bothering to wear it... you're probably not going to either. now though things are different. sort of like wearing helmets and pads when skateboarding. or helmets when riding a bicycle. times change and it's becoming more acceptable to pull your head of your ass and do the right thing and I believe the internet actually has helped with this in some manner.

like the OP's link to tinnitus info.
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