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Passed Out In CO & Washed Up In UT! Big Bikes Conquer The Elements Of The West!

DAY 6: Buena Vista to Gypsum (COBDR)

Thank you False Fire Alarm @ 6:00am!
We needed to get up anyway

Thank you Backcountry Discovery Routes for your awesome services!
Thank you Butler Maps for your awesome maps!

After that wonderful 6am "wake up call"...

*Thank you to all the Emergency Response and Services Industry Personnel! You guys rock!

...we ate breakfast! I never missed a free breakfast on this trip - afterall, it's the most important meal of the day!

When we went outside, it was raining pretty hard. Mike decided to look for a headlight in Gypsum as we needed to get on the road asap before the weather turned worse.

I must say, I love love love my Motoport Gear! It kept me warm and dry when I needed to be, and cool and comfortable the rest of time!
Other than my own sweat, I never felt a drop!

We were on our way! Missed the first turn by a smidgen.

A nice little water crossing to kick off the day!

First up = Test subjects, Jeremy & me

Next = Mike

Next = Russ

After that nice little puddle, we were back on the road taking in the scenery.

The rain had picked up and we decided to stop for a bit and see if it would calm some before we continued.

While waiting, we met a very lovely couple who were doing the COBDR on their way to the KTM Rally too! Chris (c.vestal) and Kelly (Region Riley).
They had caught on to our tracks, some swirly.



Chris participated in the Baja Rally on 10/5 & 10/6 and finished 5th! Awesome job, Chris!
If you're looking for a "functional, light weight, durable, bolt on, Rally Kit for your KTM", he is the President of Rally Moto Kit LLC

Kelly is awesome too! She's a shorty just like me and has her own ride, which I hope to have someday. Here's her Shortypants threads with helpful 411 for us shorties!

The rain had subsided just a tad, enough for all of us to continue on with the ride. Chris & Kelly left ahead of us and we'd be on the lookout for their tracks.

And just when we thought it was getting better, the rain picked up...

Here's Jeremy and me 2up...

The rain continued to pour...



...and the roads got wetter and slicker...

At this point, Mike and Russ decided to get off the COBDR and slab it direct to Gypsum, having had enough of the rain and mud which seemed at the time to be worsening.
While Jeremy and I would continue on the COBDR.
Well, actually we were going to "assess" and "see how we were feeling" and then "both agree" on what to do.

Mike would text us the hotel info when he got into town.

Once again, we went our separate ways.

Did Jeremy and I make the right call?

Or was there going to be a lot of "Rough & Tumbling" ...sliding... ahead of us?
We kept seeing Chris & Kelly's tracks as we rode, except for when we each had our own "detour" and got just a little bit of course.

Another water crossing! This one was longer, but it was mostly shallow. No problem! This is also where we caught back up to Chris and Kelly's tracks!

And another fun water crossing!

Shortly thereafter, we noticed it had stopped raining. We made the right call!
There were drops, but the rain had pretty much subsided though the dark storm clouds loomed above us.

Fearing our luck with the weather wouldn't continue, we pressed on.

So, we thought there would be some kind of snack or store near/around Turquoise Lake - we were wrong.
So, Jeremy and I had a little snack on the road and were deciding if we would abandon the COBDR here and head to Leadville to eat and move on to Gypsum - or not.
We decided to go ahead and would make our way to Hagerman Pass where we would "assess" and "see how we were feeling" and then "both agree" on what to do.

On our way to Hagerman, I thought about how Mike & Russ' ride had been en route to Gypsum. Here are their pics.
It turned out that they got dumped on with rain , but were ok riding.
They made it to Leadville where they had a nice sit down lunch and checked into a hotel when they got to Gypsum.
Actually, there is apparently no public lodging available, so they went to Eagle where they found a nice Comfort Inn.

In the meantime, we were making our way to Hagerman.
I was starting to worry about the weather as the clouds above and ahead of us darkened. These passes for the most part are "impassable when wet".

There's snow!

I couldn't take very many pics as the trail was wet and loose, so I had to hang on tight!

Well... what do we have here... another water crossing. This one would be longer and a little deeper in the middle...

And... we have a video!

We made it! The weather continued to be kind to us!
At the bottom of Hagerman, we had our 3rd (& final) tip over of the trip due to mainly fatigue setting in and loss of balance.
This time there was a couple watching and the man had to help Jeremy. I tried but we were at a slope and the bike was soooo heavy.
The left hand lever protector got bent and the lever itself couldn't move, so Jeremy had to muscle it in order to scrape off material and create a gap
between the protector and lever so the lever would be functioning again.

We got a little bit off course again. But at least we got to see Thomasville.

We turned around and got back on track.

The weather turned for the better and you could see the sun again!

What a great day this turned out to be!

Sooo red!!! Which happens to be my favorite color!

We made it to Eagle! (*There was no lodging of any kind that could be found in Gypsum.)

We pulled in and Mike was working on his bike's headlight and mirror. As we were chatting about our day, Chris and Kelly rode in!

We got ahead of them when they decided to go to Leadville and have lunch, while we continued on to Hagerman Pass.

*Best pic I could get of the group.

Dinner at Pastatively, which is walking distance from Comfort Inn, was UBER-DELICIOUS! The conversation was fantastic!
We all got to know each other better and talked about the ride today and tomorrow...

Apparently, tomorrow I would be finding out if these bikes could float! errr... glide!
"Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies." ~ Mother Teresa
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