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TL;DR - I bought my first street bike (Buell XB12S) on my 45th birthday.

In 2004, at age 36 I bought my first motorcycle, an '02 Beta Rev-3 trials bike.
I had learned a lot of bicycle handling skills through BMX and freestyle and figured that the next logical step would be to give trials riding a try. It was a lot of fun and it taught me the valuable skills of clutch, brake and throttle control. Due to losing my practice grounds and some medical bills I had to sell the Beta in '07.

In 2012 (age 43), I took the MSF and aced it on their TU250X, which is a great bike IMO.

This September, on my 45th birthday, I bought my first rideable street bike...A Buell XB12S. When I first told my wife about my desire to ride, she reminisced about her Dad giving her rides on his old Voyager and was glad to hear I wanted a bike. That being known, I started looking for an ADV/2-Up type bike and had narrowed it down to an old V-Strom or a Ulysses, but the Strom didn't have the personality I was looking for and the Ulysses was out of my price range. I decided to just go for a "single rider" type bike to get a few thousand miles under my belt before looking for a 2nd bike to go 2-Up on (see how I worked buying 2 bikes instead of just one in there?).

I should be hitting that first 1K mile mark this week.

1. "WTF were you thinking?"
I was thinking that I've liked riding my bicycle to work, but all that pedaling was just too much effort lol. I love going out for random drives on country back roads and that having a motorcycle would only enhance that enjoyment. I really like driving around the country and hope to, someday take an epic trip on a bike someday.

My Mom was concerned of course, but realizes that I'm a grown man. However, I could tell it was hard for her to not say anything disparaging. My Dad, who died in 2008 of a heart attack would have probably suffered a heart attack anyway in 2013 when he saw my bike lol.

2. What was your first bike?
As I mentioned before, my first bike was an '02 Beta Rev-3 trials bike. After practicing on the local trials grounds (an hour away from my house) for a few months, I skipped over the novice class and entered intermediate. I never won any events that I entered, but I had a HUGE amount of fun. In 2007, the trials club lost its practice grounds and the new grounds were about 2 hours away from my house, so I had nowhere to ride. My wife needed a kidney transplant and a few other things sprang up, so I sold my Beta, but I did love riding it.

3. How do you feel about starting so late?
I'm not nearly as much of a hooligan as I would have been 20 years ago, so I have that going for me. Having a wife and daughter really changes things as well. I like to think that being older helps me (usually) make better decisions when I see an empty stretch of highway ahead of me.

4. What bikes have you progressed to / thru?
'02 Beta Rev-3
'79 KZ400 B2 (non-running winter project bike)
'80 SR250 (running winter project bike)
'04 Buell XB12S

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