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To Rote Island

The ferry trip to and from Rote was perfectly fine, the people were all very friendly and helpful and the time went quickly enough. The route from Kupang to Rote is in very protected waters so it was smooth sailing all the way. People are genuinely interested in what Iím doing and are only too happy to sit and chat.
These young ladies are on holiday and visiting Rote for the first time. They were very happy to pose for a pic.
Nona Nona Kupang
Nona Nona Kupang photo R_NONANONAKUPANG121013.jpg
Arriving at Rote ferry port we had a bit of a wait for the other ferry to clear out.
Ferry at Rote photo R_ARRROTE121013.jpg
After disembarking I basically followed the crowd for the first several km, but then as people started branching off I had to ask directions again. It was easy enough and I managed to get there without getting lost. Booked into Tiraga Guesthouse for 2 nights. 150,000rp a night which includes all meals, itís basic but clean and comfortable enough.
Tiroga GH Rote photo R_TIROSACOTTAGES121013.jpg
Didnít do a lot here other than kick back and catch up on sleep and some reading with the occasional stroll along the beach.
If youíve got it, flaunt it.
Got it? Flaunt it photo R_FLAUNTIT.jpg
A typical fishermanísí shelter
Rote Fisherman Shelter photo FishermanShelterRote.jpg
A typical surferís shelter
Surfer Shelter photo SurferShelterRote.jpgSeaweed drying on racks.
 photo DryingSeaweed.jpg
The ladies and kids scour the beach at the waterís edge for any bits of seaweed that has managed to get through the thousands of nets strung along the shallows. What the ladies miss the pigs and goats get.
Surfers waiting for a boat ride out to the break.
Waiting for a lift to the surf. photo Waitingforaboattothesurf.jpg
An improvised Emergency Signalling Device.
EPIRB photo EPIRB.jpg
I'm lost, I've gone to look for myself, if I should return before I get back, have me wait.
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