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Originally Posted by tuna101 View Post
Were headed to Ione, Wa., it's in the NE corner of Wa. then into BC headed to around Princeton. I have a friend there who's been asking for us to visit for years so were going to try. Plans are coming together but nothing is for sure yet. Will post here when things are for sure, is there a better way to contact you while you travel? I gather your not going North to Ak. The Canadian Rockies on a bike will be great. Do you still have our e-mail?
I'm in on this RR. Please excuse the hijack, but Tuna101 when you go
to Ione be sure to post. I lived, for a very shot time in Metalline Falls and
have a strong interest. Hijack off.

I'll be watching this RR as I am truly interested in small bike touring.
Keep it coming.
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