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2013 GSW descends into wobble hell after 8,000 miles on the road.. Rx=???

Originally Posted by gr8ridn View Post
Hi Woody,
I have a 2013 GSW with a front spoke wheel issue. When new it rode perfectly smooth and had no steering wobble. Over the couse of 8000 miles it began showing steering wobble between 45 and 60 MPH. I checked the spoke tension of the front wheel and found several dull sounding spokes after tapping all of them with the front wheel unloaded.

I snugged the loose spokes to a similar tone to the other spokes and the wobble became worse on test ride. I measured the wheel to have excessive lateral runout using my wheel balance stand and dial indicator. I loosened more spokes and retigned to 3nm atempting to cleanup thelateral runout. LOOKING BACK I WAS DECENDING INTO WHEEL HELL! Spinning the wheel it had a 2mm lateral wobble and 1.5mm radial runout.

This wheel has not seen any harse off road use and no big impacts on the road. There is no appearent damage to the rim except the lack of trueness. The rim may need straightening after tighening the spokes improperly.

What can I expect to pay for correcting this mess I have created? Time to step back and let the pros get the wheel back to the feel when the bike was new. Perhaps this wheel wasn't set up correctly at the factory, but with my messing with it I don't think warranty would be right.

I figure I can ship from CA to your shop. I plan to sent minus the speed sensor wheel, brake discs, and air pressure sensor to reduce the non- essential items for this work.

Thanks for your advise.
Rx = :
1,,send to WWW as you have described

2,,we'll measure runout before and after re-truing

3,,we'll essentially loosen R&R all grub screws

4,,loosen clean n lube all nipples #3 & 4 = circa $30

5,,align and re-true your wheel according to OUR specs/techniques = $150

6,, check if welded area divot is within our specs ie .035'' or less..if more we recommend repairing the divot = $30 per side

7,,QC check plus one year warranty = peace of mind

8,,return wheel to you ...circa 1-2 day turnaround this time of year

If you have any questions... Post Em Here
..For more info check our website...
....Wanna e-mail us...
......Wanna talk,,,call us
toll free... 1-866-936-0232
........If you're lost???... GPS = 39*40'33.86N x 104*59'54.69W
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