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Originally Posted by Olas View Post
Nice. I was there for the practice, cheering my friend Brandon who raced his KX250. He got stuck on the starting gate during the LCQ so unfortunately he didn't qualify. We were parked a few cars down from you, wish I'd have known that was you.

Great job going out there and getting after it!
Yeah sorry, I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to keep up so I didn't get to look for inmates really.

Originally Posted by MaParkerColo View Post
Awesome Job! Love seeing the 2T's out there too. They sounded so much better than some of the super obnoxious 4 strokes some of the guys were running.

I took my three little boys (10, 5 and 3) to watch the afternoon practices and they loved it. I talked to one of the pros and he was saying that this was the toughest of the courses they've ridden because of the spacing of the obstacles and having no time to catch your breath between things.

Never having ridden a course like this I had a question for anyone who tried it. How much shifting were you actually doing? It almost seemed like everything was set up to be run in one gear?!

Props to you (and the other amatuers) for running it
I pretty much stayed in second the whole time, maybe shifted down to first when I got really stuck, and maybe into third when I accidentially bumped the shifter. I have to add, seeing the pros get stuck in the matrix and seeing them sucking wind after practice made me feel a lot better about my own struggles. I heard a few times that this was one of the more difficult courses they'd ridden.

Also, thanks everyone for the proppers!

Now the carnage.

Pretty much everything from the air filter boot back was toast. $$$


I just started taking off broken things until I got to things which were not broken.

Nakey bike.


Oh oh! Whats this? Well looks like I am taking the motor apart to see how it looks too. More $$$$.

Looks like the air filter peeled up at the bottom and let some crap in. How much or how bad, I guess I'll find out when I pull the top end... Ugh.


To follow up a little more, Andrew ended up getting 2nd in the LCQ so he was one position away in both qualifying and LCQ from making the main. Pretty damn good if you ask me.

The day after before coming home the girlfriend and I drove out to the Highway Dirt Bikes shop and checked out their operation and had a few beers with the-anti-paul. He makes a top notch product and I certainly tested out their impact resistance on a ex course. Not much of my bike stayed intact, but my levers and bars did

Sorry ince, moab this weekend is looking pretty grim at this point...
I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure

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