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Originally Posted by Groomez View Post
I was gonna post that here. haha it made me tear up a bit.

I love being part of a community and getting in on the epic ride reports before they become widespread. Congrats man!

I may very well be an advhipster...
Thanks, Groomez.

And you might be right....just don't go starting a fixed gear trend with old CB 350s.... :)

Originally Posted by Booker909 View Post
The video is awesome Dennis! One thought i have is "lucky bastard" but it's not luck at all. You made it happen. It was your passion and the willingness to simply say "yes" to everything that came your way that made it happen.
Thanks for posting this. The danger with anyone thinking everything just fell in place for me is that they very well might not think that they have any control over the things in their life that seem uncontrollable. I took close to a 50% paycut when I started this job just because it allowed me the kind of freedom that would only eventually lead to me roaming the countryside on my bike. Day one might have started at Newport Beach, but it took years to get there.

Originally Posted by nunoajc View Post
Hello to all. Im reading this ride, but i have one question yhat is not necessary related to the ride it self, but why you dont have license plate on your bike? Is not the first time i see this.
By the way great bike, just love it.
I didn't have a license plate on my bike because the bike was brand new and California takes weeks (or months) to issue plates. CA may be the epicenter of technology, but our Dept. of Motor Vehicles is still operating in the 1970s.

I photoshopped out my license plate for two reasons--1) it's ugly and 2) paranoia (it's pretty easy to track down someone's identity and home address with just a plate number). In my latest pictures you'll see that I relocated my license plate and am not longer paranoid. ;)
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