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Sanjoh, just wanted to give some very positive feedback. Rode down to Baja last weekend. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to ride from Coco's corner back to San Diego on Saturday. We left Gonzaga at about 3, meaning that from San Felipe north, we were riding in the dark, in Mexico, on a road with construction detours that were two-way through nasty dirt. Imagine being on a narrow dirt road with loaded semis heading the other direction in pitch darkness!!

I have the 60's with the dimmer that is wired so the LED's go to full bright when I turn on my high beam.

The first time I hit the brights, my riding buddy almost shit himself he was so surprised how much light they put out. They literally turned night to day. (My HID low and high beam didn't hurt ). I was able to see road hazards plenty far enough away to avoid them while going 60 mph through pitch darkness.

Once my buddy gets over the wallet pain of fixing all the parts he broke on his bike when he went down, he's going to be getting a set of your lights too. Thanks again for an awesome product!!
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