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Originally Posted by cba191 View Post
I've found a great deal on a silver set. How hard would it be to recoat them in a black finish? And is it possible to add the 4-way mounting bracket after the fact?
Hi cba,

We're taking a break from operations for now but any powder coat house should be able to paint them black for you. You'll have to take off all the trim and may need to re-install a few pieces, but it can be done. The mounting brackets are welded on directly to the cases. So if these are an older pair with the single position bracket, you'll need to grind them off and weld on the new 4-way brackets. Unfortunately, we're out of those as well (it's not a part we typically sell a-la-carte). I hope that helps. Feel free to give us a call if you want to chat more.
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