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L3,4 & 5 in my back finally cost me surfing... at 61

Left knee surgeries took too much cartilage so I lost Snow Boarding and Hard Pack skiing because of painful vibration into the knee

Thought about getting back into Sailboats, and then it DAWNED ON ME: MOTORCYCLES! (December 2013 at 63)

I had never had the money or time to be a dirt bike rider like many (most) of my friends, somehow that had passed me by....

So I committed. Found out quickly I wasn't going to start (and not kill myself) on a REAL bike with a high seat. So, I bought an XT250 and dropped it a lot but had figured out many things by the 2000 mile mark-my street to dirt ration is always around 2/1.

Committed to a KTM 690 and am incredibly happy about "bikes" and probably living to tell about it because I am old enough to be cautious in my pursuit of skill building--though I have been hurt in the learning curve (separated shoulder being the worse)

I average about 200 miles a week--which means 60-70 miles of dirt. I took a Rawhyde course shortly after getting the 690 (April). I'm close to 5000 miles on the 690 and think I'm living in a dream. The backcountry solitude and physical experience is just the replacement for the things I have lost. Adding power from an external source solves the knee and back issues nicely.

Still haven't lost Powder Skiing and Windsurfing so currently--Life if full!

My lines on asphalt and dirt are just starting to resemble the lines I can "carve" in powder and used to "carve" on a wave face.

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