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Originally Posted by Dilligaf0220
What exactly does a 17mm wrench fit on a BMW anyway?

Originally Posted by atomicalex View Post
Nwere mirror mounts. And something else, but I don't remember.

My point was that once you buy a set of wrenches, you have what you need. And for 90% of the BMW stuff, a T25 and a T30 will take you places.

No, it's not the easiest thing to do roadside repairs on, but they are doable and you don't need a computer most of the time. I have a little Android thingy that does everything aside from swapping engines. Need to readapt for that.
Trans drain on a Hexhead.

Seriously, for all major tasks on the BMW it only takes a handful of tools.

Torx work exceedingly well if you use the correct one. Beats the crap out of standard or Phillips, and IMHO are far better than allens which strip too easily on very small fasteners.

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