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Originally Posted by pfdskipper View Post
More details please.
Keep in mind there are certain details we will never provide. For example we will never publish where the course goes, because in rally you're never supposed to know until you're on it racing. And we will always be vague about even the general areas where the course is. We will probably wait until the last possible moment to divulge exactly where the bivouac is.

We won't know the length of the stages until they are finalized. And in my mind, the length will tell you little more than what your odometer should read at the finish. While pre-running one stage we averaged less than 15mph, and I used more than double the normal gas for that length. Another stage may have an average speed over 30mph or even 40mph. One thing is for sure, you'll be worn out by the end!

Yesterday I was pre-running one stage that we now believe is not usable because it crosses a "protected" area, even though the land owner was with me and fully approves of the race going there. So I have to go out and make a replacement stage for that one. The course development will probably go on for many more months.

Aside from specific location and course length, what "details" are you looking for?
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