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I found this thread and in the last few months I read through the whole thread.
First my compliment to Michael for his great support!

Despite owning a BMW R1150RS with enough (hardcase) luggage options, for my daily ride to work I use my thrusted R25 (with the waterproof sack).
On tours I use an US10 with a tank adapter.
I furthermore own a US30, US20, 2 US10's, US5, R3, toolrol, kube pocket and a stash. I'm just a great fan of the Kriega stuff!
I only need to get the adventurer bike to make it complete.

I wanted to reply to the post of Swoosdave ( regarding an handle on the US30.

I also miss a kind of handle on my US20 and US30. I looked into several options and ended up with a custom made paracord handle.
I tested this and as mentioned by Michael it did not work. It puts to much stress on the bag.

Next I tried the idea from Eddie ( As far I understood his post and this works better.

As you can see I use an Ortlieb strap. With the original strap the clips won't go through the D rings.
I actually bought the Ortlieb straps for my US5 and US10 to carry them around. I added keyrings on carefully chosen places on the bags.



I might look for a more convenient strap to replace the Ortlieb straps, but so far I'm happy.

I have one question for Michael; how can I use the new 3L reservoir with my old R25?

Looking forward to the new Kriega stuff!


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