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Originally Posted by randyo View Post
you gas up and pull away from the pump only to have your bike die then realize you grabbed the green handle is filled with diesel
About 10 years ago I stopped in Goldendale WA on my '02 K1200RS and not paying attention, filled my bike with diesel. I realize what a stupid move I had made, just as the tank was full. Duh. So I pulled the bike away from the pumps and walked to a near by auto parts store and bought a section of hose. I syphoned as much diesel out of the tank as I possibly could, rolled the bike back to the pump and filled her with 92 octane. I held my breath that I had diluted the diesel enough to start the bike and after a few attemps got her fired. I headed off towards Yakima and everytime I got hard on the gas, it looked like I was doing mesquito control. No damage other then oiling up the mufflers and of course my ego. I still laugh thinking about all the smoke I left as I was passing vehicles.
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