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Originally Posted by rsks View Post
how is everyone arranging the ride back to LA? I'm trying to persuade some of my friends to drive my truck to Vegas and bring me back but no luck.

also, anyone need a riding buddy? I'm a slower intermediate rider riding a KTM 450XC. Would like to ride the hardways as time allows. I've got rooms in Barstow and Vegas and would be willing to split cost. I've been trying to register to the D37 site but haven't been able to. Even contacted the admin but no response
definitely get on the District 37 forum. there is a "I need a riding buddy" thread over there.

or PM guys on this thread that have posted up.

if it's needed.... I could use one of my posts on page 1 to make a list of guys that need riding partners. why'd a think!?

as far as getting you and your bike back to LA (Palmdale), you have to get creative... we've rented a U-Haul which works.
also some people have their wives/gfs drive their truck.
there sometimes is a guy that will offer a huge truck and take bikes back. not guaranteed that will happen.
you could ride back.
a buddy of mine drove his truck there a week before and flew back.then I drove us to Palmdale and he drove us back.

the D37 forum administrator is going through chemo for colon cancer so he's not available at the moment.

but you should be able to sign up to the forum without having to go through him.
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