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Possibly but not likely, I tested negative for West Nile and my symptoms weren't totally in line with what I read/heard about that. Bickerstaff's Encephalitis had pretty close symptoms to my un-medically trained, internet induced hypochondriac self;but nothing was ever conclusive. The official diagnosis was cerebral ataxia associated with the archicerebellum. This basically translates to an observed loss of coordination especially in the vestibular system.

The how and why if why that system was damaged remain a mystery, but fortunately it repairs itself fairly well. The important part is that I've gotten a lot better since the onset, as those suffering from rare cancers and genetic and or degenerative diseases don't really do that. I'll know about a year from this past august how much better I'm actually going to get but things are looking pretty favorable at the moment.

As to riding with "the -ince" through my understanding friends and family and years worth of professional counseling I should be able to overcome this devastating event. I'm afraid my riding confidence has nearly died from the few encounters I've had. I can't listen to music with a bass guitar without having debilitating flashbacks.
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